About The Company

RBM is a Los Angeles-based entertainment and rights representation consultancy. We work with leading global brands and their advertising agencies to provide access to the world’s most iconic music and celebrity talent for use in all forms of advertising, marketing, promotion, PR, internal communications and product-related projects. RBM’s rights representation group directly manages the personality rights of iconic personas including Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Chris Farley, Bo Derek, Evel Knievel, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Johnny Cash.

The RBM Difference

Securing talent, music and entertainment-related IP can be expensive.  Unlike other companies in our space, RBM is oriented to be a true value to the process.


Cost Effective Approach:

Our goal is to ensure our fees don't get in the way of your campaign or project reaching its potential. We don't succeed if you don't so we will work to be creative, flexible and fair in our approach to fees. Wouldn’t you rather have your campaign budget spent on consumer facing items rather than a disproportionately expensive vendor fee? We will bring you all the expertise of larger shops without the expense.

We Free Your Creative Team:

There is nothing more powerful than a great idea and your creative agency is indispensable to reaching target consumers.  Don’t force your agency to wade through IP options, availability and fit when they should be creating campaigns and content to drive customers to action. Let the licensing experts at RBM focus on the research, negotiation and delivery of talent and music so your creative shop is free to do what they do best – deliver big ideas to meet your brands objective.


About The Founder

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Prior to the formation of RBM, David Reeder led a twenty-five person team at a Bill Gates-owned global entertainment licensing and brand representation agency.  In this capacity, David and his team consulted with global advertisers and their agencies to source and acquire talent, music, film and TV content and a variety of other IP from a wide array of rights holders.